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With this in-depth Juro guide to the most common legal templates, you'll learn how to agree contracts quickly - and manage them effortlessly.



In a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), parties create a confidentiality framework to govern their relationship. How can automation and standardization make it faster and easier to manage NDAs?

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In a Master Services Agreement (MSA), a business and its client(s) agree the majority of the terms that will govern their future relationship. How can you make managing and collaborating on MSAs easier?

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Employment offer letter

Hiring a new employee should be a happy moment - not a bureaucratic experience that creates a bad first impression. How can automation bring benefits to both sides of the employer/employee relationship?

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SaaS agreement

SaaS (software-as-a-service) agreements create complex commercial relationships that can last for years. How can you make managing and agreeing these contracts quick and painless?

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